ALS conducted a full-scope audit on all manufacturing practices on the behalf of multiple operators. The items listed below were evaluated in detail, and corrective actions were issued and implemented.

Audited Items

  • Facility Standard Practices

  • Facility Layout

  • Equipment Assembly Procedures – Motors, Seals/Protectors, Pumps, Intakes/Gas Handlers

  • Personnel Capabilities and Skill Level

  • QHSE

Findings and Recommendations

Many items of concern were discovered including:

  • Failure to maintain control of non-conforming parts

  • Failure to follow manufacturing procedures.

  • Failure to properly document and certify tooling (calibration).

  • Poor housekeeping practices

  • Out-dated procedures

ALS provided the following recommendations and assistance:

  • Corrective actions and assignment of responsibilities

  • Follow up on corrective actions and implementation of items.