In February 2017, ALS conducted full facility audits of six ESP Supply companies on behalf of an Operator, in an effort to determine which Suppliers were most qualified to meet the Operator’s requirements. Based on the positive results and improvements recognized from the audit process, one of the ESP Supply companies requested that ALS conduct a similar audit of its primary manufacturing centre in Russia. The initial audit of the Manufacturing Centre was conducted in October 2017. A full report was provided to the ESP Supplier, along with a corrective action plan (CAP) outlining the non-conformances observed and associated recommendations for improvement. The ESP Manufacturing company spent the following year implementing the corrective actions, and requested that ALS provide a follow-up audit in October 2018 to evaluate the facility a second time and highlight any areas where further improvement was needed. Again, a full report was provided along with a CAP to be implemented by the Manufacturer.

2017 Audited Processes

  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Parts – Input QC / Output QC / In-Process QC
  • Metallurgy Plant – Manufacturing / Inspection
  • Machine Shop – Manufacturing / Inspection
  • Stators – Manufacturing / Inspection / Test
  • Motors – Manufacturing / Inspection / Test
  • Protectors (Seals) – Manufacturing / Inspection / Test
  • Pumps – Manufacturing / Inspection / Test
  • Intake Devices – Manufacturing / Inspection
  • Gauges – Manufacturing / Inspection / Test
  • MLE / Potheads – Manufacturing / Inspection / Test
  • Finishing – Surface Preparation / Painting / Boxing / Shipping

2018 Audited Processes

    The majority of the processes audited in 2017 were audited again in 2018. However, some items that were not audited in 2018 due to high performance on the initial audit.

  • Processes that were not audited in 2018 include:
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Parts – Input QC / Output QC / In-Process Qc
  • Metallurgy Plant – Manufacturing / Inspection
  • Additional processes audited in 2018 that were not audited in 2017 include:
  • VSD’s – Manufacturing / Inspection / Test
  • Stator Epoxy Process
  • Gas Separators – Manufacturing / Inspection


Each audit was conducted in identical fashion, with a final report and CAP being provided outlining Non-conformances, Observations, and Strengths, along with associated severity levels (Critical, Major, or Minor) for each Nonconformance and Observation. The primary goal of the audit was not to enhance the manufacturing procedures, but rather to evaluate the processes of the centre and ensure adherence to industry best practices. In the 2017 audit, the Manufacturing Centre was determined to operate to a high standard, although several areas for improvement were identified. However, in the 2018 audit, the majority of the corrective actions provided the previous year had been addressed and implemented. This resulted in a reduction in Non-conformances (over 50%), and an increase in observed strengths (over 100%). As a result of the ESP Manufacturer’s adherence to industry best practices and enhanced focus on manufacturing excellence, the Manufacturer was provided with an ALS Certificate of Compliance. While this certificate is not an industryrecognized certification, it identifies the Manufacturer as one that applies effective and repeatable quality management in the manufacturing of ESP’s, and meets or exceeds industry established best practices.