ALS provided ESP technical support for an operator in the development of a new field located offshore China. Support provided included ESP application / design, and technical oversight of ESP operations for optimization purposes. This was performed utilizing remote monitoring software and through regular discussion and coordination with both operator and ESP supply company. ALS provided direct oversight of software implementation, training of staff engineers and ‘fine-tuning’ of software throughout the implementation process.

Work Scope

  • ESP sizing

  • ESP applications

  • Field operations

  • Oversight of implementation of monitoring and optimization software

  • Monitoring and optimization

  • Training of new engineers on the art of ESP applications

  • Training of engineers on the use of monitoring and optimization software

  • Procedure development

  • Ongoing support and troubleshooting

  • Audit new ESP service centres in China

Findings and Recommendations

ALS provided routine and ongoing ESP operation support. This included providing bespoke training services to all operations & production engineers. ALS also provided training to all operations and production engineers on ESP sizing and failure analysis. ALS oversaw and managed the implementation and training of LOWIS (ESP monitoring and optimization software) for ongoing remote oversight. Furthermore, ALS reviewed ESP sizing and worked with the ESP service providers / suppliers to develop and implement best practices.