ALS was requested to help identify all technical ESP requirements for two offshore fields and set up the ESP sales and services contract for an Operator in Malaysia. Following successful implementation of a credible ESP company, ALS assisted with managing the technical aspects of first ESP installations for the Company. The ESP applications varied across the two fields; one for high GOR oil well liquid unloading in a carbonate reservoir, and the other for primary mode of artificial lift in a low GOR sandstone reservoir. The work was split into three phases:

  1. Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) and invitation to bid (ITB) preparation
  2. Technical project guidance and advice on procurement
  3. Project execution (equipment inspections, preparation, installation and commissioning)

ALS initially helped compile the detailed technical specifications for all downhole and surface ESP equipment along with the associated upper completion accessories. ALS also helped with the technical and commercial scopes of work. This involved finite attention to detail in order to ensure the service companies had a good understanding of the operator requirements.

In the second phase of work ALS assisted in reviewing final equipment orders, specifications, and all test documentation. ALS also assisted with establishing best practices for the upcoming installation activities.

The third phase of the project is ongoing. Thus far, ALS has conducted impartial equipment inspections on equipment preparation activities at the staging point prior to the equipment being sent offshore.Following this, ALS provided offshore supervision for two successful installations in east Malaysia. Each of these activities have been accompanied with detailed daily reports to the operator, consisting of photos, lessons learned, and a number of recommendations for improvement.

Project Status and Results

ALS performed the following work for the client:

  • 2 ESPs installed successfully (not yet commissioned)
  • 4 ESPs yet to be installed

ALS involvement in the project has allowed the operator to focus more on high level management of all the overall project rather than the intricate details of the ESP’s. ALS have been in constant communication with the Operator, ESP supplier, 3rd party suppliers and Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies throughout the project.

Scope of Work

Phase 1 – FEED & ITB Preparation

  • Review existing field data, ESP studies, and information pertaining to ESP operations
  • Provide detailed outline of additional information requirements, as applicable
  • Perform ESP design pertaining to field application / reservoir characteristics in consideration of target runlives and operational efficiency over life of the well
  • Assist with ESP equipment standardization
  • Write detailed ESP specification document
  • Specification and sizing of topsides equipment (electrical and instrumentation pertaining to ESP operation)
  • Advice on tie-in of FPSO power and communication infrastructure
  • Review ESP process safety requirements
  • Attendance of operational meetings and discussions
  • Additional support in preparation of tender package / bidder questionnaire and evaluation of responses
  • ESP training as requested

Phase 2 - Technical Project Guidance and Advice on Procurement

  • Review of ESP design proposals from ESP company
  • Assistance with modification to designs to meet application
  • Review final equipment lists and quotations
  • Review / Development of ESP installation procedures and best practices
  • Assistance / guidance with project implementation including surface and downhole equipment
  • Review equipment test reports

Phase 3 - Project Execution

  • Shore base inspections of delivered equipment
  • Monitoring and guidance for ESP installations / commissioning
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of inventory management system
  • Any and all ESP-related support, as required