Graduated from Bacone College with Associate of Science - Business Management Degree (Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA). Forty-four years’ experience in ESP industry, working with one of the leading ESP manufacturing facilities in the world. Held numerous positions which included Reliability Engineering, responsible for Dismantle Inspection Failure Analysis of Motors, Pumps, Seals, (Protectors), and Gas Separators both domestic and international. Supervisor of the Electrical department stator winding process and testing. Supervisor of ESP assembly department responsible for building of Motors, Pumps, Seals (Protectors), and Gas Separators. Supervisor of Quality Assurance, responsible for Quality Assurance of component parts manufactured within specification as well as responsible for corrective preventive actions associated with ISO 9000 internal audits. Accepted a role as Reliability and Systems Specialist with Dwiggins Consulting in August of 2014.


Business Management

Associate of Science – Business Management Degree Bacone College (United States, Muskogee, Oklahoma) - 2003

High School Diploma

Dewey High School, Dewey, OK - 1969 to 1973


Dwiggins Consulting LLC - 2014-to date

  • Dismantle Inspection Failure Analysis
  • ESP Inspections
  • Testing of ESP equipment
  • Witnessing Assembly of ESP equipment

Schlumberger, Bartlesville, OK - Aug. 2014

  • Supervisor of Assembly Department
  • Motor Assembly
  • Protector (Seal) Assembly
  • Pump Assembly
  • Gas Separator Assembly

Schlumberger, Bartlesville, OK - 2010-2014

  • Supervisor of Quality Department
  • Supervise the Inspection of Component Parts
  • Motors
  • Protectors (Seals)
  • Pumps
  • Gas Separators

Schlumberger, Bartlesville OK - 2002-2010

  • Supervisor of Electrical Department
  • Supervise the building of ESP Stators
  • Stator build
  • Stator Straightening Process
  • Stator Winding Process
  • Varnish Process
  • Cleaning Process
  • Lead Installation Process
  • All Electrical testing of fore mentioned Process

Schlumberger, Bartlesville, OK - 1996-2002

  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Maintain Corrective/Preventive actions pertaining to ISO standard.
  • Responsible for reviewing, distribution and records for Custom Assy. Authorizations.

Schlumberger, Bartlesville, OK - 1992-1996

  • Reliability Engineer
  • Responsible for Dismantle failure analysis of ESP equipment for British Pet. Aberdeen Scotland Echo Forties Wells.

Schlumberger, Bartlesville, OK - 1991-1992

  • Engineering Technician
  • Technical Support for installing Cable Deployed Pumping System
  • Maintaining inventory of tooling and equipment used in the installation of equipment.

Schlumberger, Bartlesville, OK - 1990-1991

  • Reda Remanufacturing
  • Responsible for Inspecting parts and determining parts for repair and/or scrap.
  • Repair component parts using lathes, welders, mills, and drill press.

Schlumberger, Bartlesville, OK - 1987-1990

  • Dismantle
  • Perform Dismantle function which included teardown of Pumps, Motors, Protectors (Seals) and gas Separators.

Schlumberger, Bartlesville, OK - 1973-1987

  • A-H Class Quality Bench Inspector
  • Inspect component parts for Motors, Pumps, Protectors (Seals) Gas Separators.