Euan Alexander


Experienced in both North Sea and Malaysian ESP installation and production operations. Specific expertise in ESP lifecycle management, production operations, alternative ESP deployment, ESP installation, well/equipment troubleshooting, DIFA and ESP application design.

Employment History

PETRONAS Carigali - Head Office, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMay 2015 – Oct 2018

Reservoir, Well & Facilities Management Team, Angsi Team Lead(02/2018 – 10/2018)
  • Production Technologist responsible for:
    • Day to day supporting regional assets and assisting in all matters of operatorship.
    • Focus on; application of integrated well and asset model, water injection management, process & facilities operation, sand management and general production efficiency.
    • Conduct regular well reviews using PI process book and identify opportunities to optimise oil and gas wells.
    • Currently working on finding a solution to liquid loading and condensate banking issues in gas wells within Angsi field in Peninsular Malaysia.
    • Troubleshooting of gas well and gas lifted well issues on an ad-hoc basis.
    • Troubleshooting of plant issues on an ad-hoc basis.
Alternative Artificial Lift Team. Technical Team Lead (05/2015 – 10/2018)
  • Production Technologist assigned to Alternative artificial lift team responsible for:
    • Appraising and reviewing new technologies that can effectively replace and improve on traditional gas lift systems i.e. ESP, Cable Deployed through tubing ESPs, PCPs, Jet Pumps, etc.
    • Working on replication of a cable deployed through tubing ESP system which was successfully installed offshore under live well conditions inside 3.5” tubing adhering to all local well control requirements for offshore operations. The project is focused on several areas of expertise.
    • Candidate well selection based on well conditions and performance including comparison against existing well performance with gas lift; facilities modification including power and control systems.
    • Wellhead modification with component design and qualification to API 6A.
    • Slickline operations, selection of specialist tools and deployment equipment including pressure control equipment and anchor packer.
    • Insert safety valve modification and installation.
    • Offshore supervision of the through tubing ESP system installation which had approximately 40 personnel from 12 different service companies at various stages of the job.
    • Responsible for planning and assisting with execution of workover and rig based ESP operations; identification of workover candidates.
    • Technical/economic decision for recompletion with jointed tubing or coiled tubing; completion design using surplus inventory where possible to optimise costs; offshore supervision for ESP workover operations;
    • Well intervention planning, compilation of intervention programmes and conducting post job reviews as required.
    • Developed and maintained an ESP monitoring strategy for Malaysian operations and technical advice for joint venture and overseas interests particularly in South Sudan. The monitoring strategy focuses particularly on managing and improving ESP uptime and ensuring wells are fully optimised as far as possible within field operating constraints. Using a PI Processbook platform a well monitoring platform was developed with audible alarms giving the users notifications when events begin to arise. As part of the strategy a workflow for ESP monitoring, operation and troubleshooting has been developed which is proposed to be implemented in overseas assets providing data and analysis where it was previously unavailable.
    • Implementation of technical guidelines for alternative artificial lift; giving the regions a template and guidance for various technical operations and field based activities. Recently completed a comprehensive TTESP and ESP guideline which covers all aspects of the ESP lifecycle with a focus on operatorship.
    • Coach and mentor for junior engineers covering all sub-disciplines of production technology. Responsible for helping ensure the assigned junior engineers get exposure to field operations, are involved in planning/design for intervention/completion/drilling operations and have a good understanding of all production technology related work.
    • Patent pending for TTESP-CD installation method
    • ESP SME December 2016 onwards.

Apache Corporation North Sea, UKMar 2012 – May 2015

Platform (Production) Engineer
  • Production Engineer assigned to Forties Charlie and Bravo central North Sea assets responsible for:
    • Production optimisation of ESP, gas lifted and water injection wells.
    • Well performance modelling and nodal analysis using Prosper; Artificial Lift and tubular design/selection for all wells.
    • Artificial lift selection and well design (ESP & Gas Lift). Multiple workovers and sidetracks or surface drilled wells completed per year.
    • Economic and technical evaluation of topsides and sub-surface equipment for all wells and plant projects.
    • Identification of production enhancing opportunities & remedial well work.
    • Well stimulation planning and execution
    • Providing day to day operations support for facilities and wells.
    • Production well testing using MPFM & well test separator with Coriolis meter.
    • Writing checklists and procedures for non-routine operations.
    • Production forecasting and reporting.
    • Delivering region production goals.
    • Assisted in compiling region rig lines and planning well service operations.
    • Calculation of yearly base production reserves.
    • Well integrity monitoring.
    • Production efficiency improvement and production loss tracking.
    • Root cause analysis of production upset events.
    • Providing tailored technical training courses for offshore personnel.
    • Regular visits to offshore installations to liaise with shifts.
    • Involved in regular asset project reviews.
    • Process HAZOP/HAZID reviews; emergency response team member (ops rep).
    • Three time winner of Apache award for production enhancements
  • North Sea region ESP focal point and technical expert where responsibilities include:
    • Tracking ESP runlife and general performance;
    • Providing technical assistance and guidance to region for all ESP issues;
    • Dismantle inspection and failure analysis of pulled ESP systems;
    • Performance based contract management with ESP vendor;
    • Identifying new technology and conducting field trials for example through tubing power cable deployed ESPs;
    • Knowledge sharing globally within company production community;
    • Conducting regular audits of vendor facilities including product centre in Singapore and offshore ESP installations.
    • Apache North Sea region representative for various local operator and global industry forums.
    • EuALF committee member and session chair
    • ESP RIFTS corporate representative for Apache Corporation

Schlumberger Oilfield, UKOct 2006 – Mar 2012

DESC Engineer for Apache Corporation North Sea (10/2009 – 03/2012)
  • Seconded to Apache North Sea’s office to assist with daily ESP operations. During this assignment a number critical initiatives were led and implemented with an obvious positive impact on field ESP run life. Responsibilities included;
    • Advice on optimisation of ESP systems;
    • Providing daily support on ESP well and topsides problems;
    • Improving ESP runlife; developing bespoke ESP well start up procedures;
    • ESP system design and providing advice on ESP well design;
    • Writing basis of design and commissioning procedures;
    • ESP well performance matching;
    • Gas Lift well performance verification;
    • Ensuring correct equipment selection for application;
    • Sand production management;
    • Dismantle inspection and failure analysis of ESP systems/report writing;
    • Site integration testing / factory acceptance testing;
    • Coordination of technical studies and participation in vendor / client workshops;
    • Variable speed drive troubleshooting and set up;
    • Providing technical training and awareness courses for client.
Artificial Lift Applications Engineer (08/2007 – 10/2009)
  • ESP Applications Engineer assigned to the North Sea region. Responsible for:
    • ESP system design;
    • ESP completion design including system space outs,
    • Additional equipment selection and tubular design;
    • Preparation of well schematics and technical reports;
    • Preparation of procedures for onshore and offshore work scopes;
    • Maintaining good relationship with key customers;
    • ESP system troubleshooting and daily technical support to client and field groups;
    • Maintaining appropriate equipment inventory levels;
    • Statistical analysis of ESP runlife data;
    • ESP monitoring and optimisation running client training courses;
    • Mentoring new junior engineers.
Field Engineer(10/2006 – 08/2007)
  • ESP Field Engineer assigned to the North Sea region. Responsibilities in this role included;
    • ESP installation onshore and offshore with a strong focus on quality operations and ensuring the work was executed safely and efficiently;
    • ESP system commissioning;
    • well site troubleshooting of ESP systems and topsides equipment;
    • providing onsite support to operator technicians;
    • onshore equipment stack up testing to API recommended practices;
    • pre job preparation and loading out of equipment including selection of tools for job;
    • participation in CWOP / DWOP for higher risk projects.

Key Competencies:

  • ESP sizing and equipment selection, ESP well optimisation ESP well design and ESP troubleshooting
  • Through tubing cable deployed ESP well selection and installation
  • VSD selection, sizing, setup and troubleshooting
  • Gas lift well design, optimisation and troubleshooting
  • Water injection well optimisation and monitoring
  • ESP installation and system commissioning
  • ESP dismantle and root cause failure analysis
  • Economic project evaluation
  • Operation of DCS and SCADA systems
  • Slickline, Coiled Tubing and well service operation job planning and tool selection
  • Upper completion design
  • Sand control selection
  • Perforation design
  • Well workover operations
  • Well stimulation operations
  • Well log interpretation
  • Wellhead and Christmas Tree modification and component selection (API 6A)
  • Oil and gas processing plant troubleshooting
  • Gas compressors & surface pumping systems
  • Petroleum Experts Prosper & GAP
  • Halliburton Aires well economics
  • PI Processbook
  • Schlumberger Avocet WSM / DesignPro / DesignRite
  • Schlumberger OFM & Avocet


Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK(10/2002 – 06/2006)

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Industry Papers and Presentations

2018 SPE APGOCE, Brisbane Australia – Technical Paper

Truly Rigless: A World First Through 3-1/2” Tubing Cable Deployed ESP on a Live Well, Euan Alexander, Hani Sufia Hassan, Kuswanto, Amirul Adha

2016 SPE Workshop: Reservoir Surveillance and Production Enhancement – Cost Effective Technology Integration and Operations Efficiency, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Presentation

ESP Monitoring, Operation and Production Efficiency, Malaysian Operations, Sarawak Basin and Sabah Basin, Euan Alexander, Hani Sufia Hassan, Hanif Zulkapli

2016 SPE Workshop: Reservoir Surveillance and Production Enhancement – Cost Effective Technology Integration and Operations Efficiency, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Presentation

Idle ESP Reactivation in Field A, Sarawak Basin, Euan Alexander, Hani Sufia Hassan, Hanif Zulkapli

2015 SPE ESP Workshop, Houston, Texas – Technical Paper

Maximising Production Efficiency from Electric Submersible Pumps in Forties Wells through Appropriate Scale Squeeze Design, Ian Kenny, Euan Alexander, Euan Goldie, Steven McCarthy, Rod Farquhar, Jeff Dwiggins.

2014 SPE European Artificial Lift Forum (EuALF), Aberdeen, UK - Presentation

Forties Dismantle Inspection and Failure Analysis Experience, Euan Alexander

2014 SPE European Artificial Lift Forum (EuALF), Aberdeen, UK - Presentation

Application of a High Resistance Grounding Unit to an ESP operating in a Hazardous Environment, Dr. Leslie Ord, Euan Alexander, David Shipp and Salvatore. F. Grande

2013 SPE ESP Workshop, Houston, Texas – Technical Paper and Presentation

ESP Installation Strategy; Well delivery efficiency without compromising ESP run life in the Forties Field ,UKCS Euan Alexander, Paul L. Nicoll,

2012 SPE European Artificial Lift Forum (EuALF), Aberdeen, UK - Presentation

Confidence in sizing compression ESPs for new wells completed with sand-control, Forties Field, UKCS Euan Alexander, Paul Nicoll, Peter Sordyl and Joel Rodriguez

Patents and Applications

2017 MyIPO Malaysia Patent Pending

A Method for Rigless Cable Deployment of an ESP System, IP vested with PETRONAS Technology Ventures Sdn. Bhd. Inventors: Euan Alexander, Kamal M M Ayad, Hani Sufia Hassan, Kuswanto


Available on request