Jeff Dwiggins has over twenty-five years of experience in the domestic and international energy industry. Jeff founded Artificial Lift Solutions PTE LTD in 2005. His focus has been the supporting of artificial lift efforts for oil and gas companies. He has worked extensively for several companies in assisting with field operations support as well as research and development efforts. Jeff has extensive ESP application and alternative deployed ESP expertise having worked significant projects in such places as Qatar, Egypt, Brunei, Chad and others. Jeff has successfully managed the development of many key facets of coiled tubing deployed ESPs. He also has a broad background in the oil and gas sector including project engineering, engineering development and management, business operations and development (inclusive of extensive P&L experience), startup operations and manufacturing operations. Jeff also has operational experience in contract development, installation and operations of artificial lift systems.

Artificial Lift Solutions Pte Ltd currently have on staff experience personnel that incorporate 250+ years of cumulative experience with ESP and Gas Lift systems. These resources can provide focus and dedication to improvement of ESP performance, etc.


Apache (Consultant)

Production engineering consultant for all forms of Artificial Lift; working worldwide to improve Apache’s overall artificial lift performance. Activities include: optimization, audit of field services, training, application, on-site technical support and remote technical support.

ConocoPhillips (Consultant)

Production engineering consultant for all types of production related issues with focus on key ConocoPhillips fields with Artificial Lift. Work with regions to improve production and product performance with significant focus on Bohai Bay (China) and Polar Lights (Russia).

Exxon Neftegas Limited (ENL) (Consultant)

Completions engineering for extended reach horizontal wells. Write completion and workover procedures. Manage completions logistics, assist with technical issues.


Smith Lift is a developing artificial lift company for Smith International. Smith Lift designs and manufactures downhole positive displacement pumps. Responsible for all day to day management activities, including directing sales, manufacturing and operations.

Director of Operations, Western Hemisphere

Responsible for all sales and operational activities within Western Hemisphere and to establish new business systems and sales and marketing force in order to increase sales and profits. Managed manufacturing, operations and sales with P&L responsibilities.

  • Initiated business in Western Canada and achieved $800 thousand in sales during first year.
  • Expanded business in Latin America through opening of Buenos Aires, Argentina office and closed first year sales of approximately $1million with second year sales of $1.5 million.
  • Opened Mexico market and awarded contract with PMEX for ongoing operations.

ExxonMobil – Africa (Consultant)

Responsibilities included oversight and advisement on all forms of artificial lift to enhance runlives as well as improve economics.

  • Reduced rig work-over days from ten to two with savings of approximately $55 thousand per day.
  • Completed review and initiated “pre-startup” ESP installation program. By installing ESPs in wellbores prior to startup, multiple rig moves were eliminated, thereby allowing “significant” savings (est. $100 thousand per rig move).

WOOD GROUP ESP, INC. (WGESP) - Oklahoma City, OK - 1998 to 2002

Vice-President of International Operations, Asia Pacific & Middle East Regions (1999 – 2002)

Responsible for all sales and operational activities. Oversaw existing major contracts, and pursued contracts with new customers within respective regions, and supervised operation of major service centers.

  • Grew annual sales from $15 million to in excess of $38 million with projected growth through 2004 to exceed $50 million.
  • Won world’s largest ever contract for ESP industry (valued at approximately $200 million awarded in 2000) for Middle East Region.
  • Developed extensive experience in operating joint venture companies and established companies in various countries in Middle East and throughout Asia. Put in place large workforce of various nationalities within these regions.
  • Supervised startup operations of new manufacturing center in Jebal Ali, United Arab Emirates.
Vice-President of Engineering & Technology (1998 - 1999)

Responsible for implementation of new engineering philosophy' for WGESP Inc. which was perceived to lack direction and recognition within industry. Engineering program is now broadly considered to be one of best in industry with superior products being introduced in several areas.

  • Added key personnel and provided leadership and focus on major projects.
  • Performance as head of engineering led to promotion as key operational manager.

REDA PUMP COMPANY - 1989 to 1998

Divisional Manager, Project Management Group, Eastern Division Reda UK, London, England, United Kingdom (1995 - 1998)

Due to overall success of project management efforts, promoted and group's role greatly expanded business opportunities for Reda Pump Company worldwide. Position was heavily weighted in operations, which included Profit & Loss responsibilities and strategic planning.

  • Provided comprehensive project management services in areas of subsea, alternative deployed and conventional ESP systems to oil and gas industry.
  • Operated projects throughout world in areas such as Brunei, Qatar, Australia and China. Supervised personnel in remote regions of world.
  • Noteworthy projects:
    • Amoco Liuhua – World’s first major subsea ESP project – assisted in multiple phases of the project including VFDs, wet mateable connectors and ESP sizing.
    • Coiled Tubing Deployed ESPs
      • Qatar
      • Brunei
      • Australia
  • Led development and field deployment of revolutionary technology - Coiled Tubing Deployed ESPs. Technology provided major strategic advantage for Reda Pump Company. Also led Reda Pump Company’s subsea ESP effort.

Director of Technical Development and Project Management Group (1995)

(Reda Pump Company, Lawrence Technology Division, Lawrence, KS) Directed all engineering activities within Cable Manufacturing Operation’s division including Research and Development programs and directed global rollout and product information.

  • Performed market analysis to identify market needs and trends. Evaluated prospective R&D programs.
  • Continued to perform duties of Project Management Group Manager.

Project Management Group Manager Reda Pump Company, Bartlesville, OK (1994 - 1995)

Responsibilities included supervision and management of major projects on worldwide basis including major alliances and new technology development with clients (examples included subsea ESPs, coiled tubing deployed ESPs and others).


US Air Force – 1980-1982; Sr. Application Engineer (Sales) (1994); Applications & Special Projects Engineering Manager (1992 - 1994); Cable Deployed System Program Manager (1989 - 1992)

ESP Cable Experience

1995 - 1996:   Director of Technical Development, Reda (Lawrence) cable facility, Lawrence, Kansas

1998 - 1999:   Worked at Wood Group ESP initiating their independent cable product line with Pirelli Cables (now known as Prysmian Cables & Systems)

2005 - 2007:   Worked on cable development issues for Saudi based ESP manufacturer. Developed ESP cable specifications, worked to prepare detailed specifications on ESP cable manufacturing facilities.

  • Visited Sao Paulo cable facility and conducted QA/QC audits, assisted engineering with cable designs, initiated cable specifications, etc.

2010:   Visited Slovakia to visit Borets ESP cable facility. Purpose of visit was to evaluate quality of cable for Apache operations (worldwide).