42 + years of Submersible Pump Experience. 16 + years of International Experience in South East Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Highly experienced in the Technical and Managerial operations of Service Centers and Manufacturing.

Specializing in: Root cause failure analysis or DIFA (Dismantle Inspection & Failure analysis), Manufacturing/Sales/Marketing/Operations Management/Customer Service, and Supply Chain Management.

Professional Experience

Operations Manager, Borets Tulsa facility. 8/2011 to 4/28/2015

To Manage the Borets Tulsa manufacturing facility to assure it had the proper manpower, machinery, tools, and inventory to manufacture, test, and repair down hole submersible pumping systems sold in North America. Also responsible for the facility operations, HVAC, security, and grounds.

Manager of the Boret’s USA Based Service Center Support Group (SCSG) in Tulsa Oklahoma. 7/2007 to 2011

To Manage and maintain the Borets Service Center Support Group to assure it has the proper manpower, equipment, tools, test benches & software, to set up and maintain new and future service centers world wide. To assure that all service centers are capable of assembling, repairing, and testing of down hole submersible pumping systems to API specifications and with the proper capacity for sales within any given region. To design and document all test systems, equipment, custom and commercial tooling necessary to assemble, dismantle, repair and test down hole pumping systems.

Operations Manager, Wood Group ESP, Nizhnevartovsk Russia Distributive Manufacturing Center. 2/2007 to 6/2007

To Manage the WGESP Nizhnevartovsk Distributive Manufacturing Center to assure it had the proper manpower, machinery, tools, and inventory to manufacture, test, and repair down hole submersible pumping systems sold in the region.

Outsourcing Specialist, Wood Group ESP, Oklahoma City Ok. 9/2006 to 1/2007

To locate, audit, and supervise new and existing vendors to provide staging, shafting, housing and other needed materials necessary to manufacture downhole submersible pumping systems worldwide.

Manager, Wood Group ESP DMC, Jebel Ali Dubai U.A.E. 2/2001 – 8/2006

To Manage the WGESP Middle East Service Center to assure it had the proper manpower, machinery, tools, and inventory to manufacture, test, and repair down hole submersible pumping systems sold in the region. Total manpower in the facility was 68 employees.

Service Center Support Supervisor Manufacturing SEA Schlumberger Reda Pump, Singapore. 1/1999 - 2/2000

Responsible for the technical support of all Reda Pump South East Asia Service Centers as well as the planning, startup, and training for new facilities as required.

Technical Support Engineer,International Marketing SEA Reda Pump, Singapore. 12/1997 - 12/1998

To provide Technical Support to the Reda Pump South East Asia Agents, third party and customer owned repair facilities, and the Reda Singapore Marketing Sales Staff. (Retained responsibility for Reda Pump sales in Japan).

Application Engineer, International Marketing SEA Reda Pump, Singapore. 2/1996 - 12/1997

Responsible for sales of down hole submersible pumping systems in Japan, India, Thailand, Philippines, Burma, and Indonesia. Sold the first Reda Horizontal Pumping System (HPS) into Thailand and the first Reda Pumping system at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics in Japan. Co-Patented the Slim Line Shroud Design for small cased wells.

Technical Support Specialist, International Manufacturing/Marketing Interface Reda Pump, Singapore. 1/1992 - 1/1996

Responsible for providing technical support to all Reda Pump agent's and customer owned repair facilities, specializing in supporting motor, pump, and protector repairs for Caltex Indonesia (Texaco/Cheveron). Presented 2 day Dismantle Inspection & Failure Analysis training during Application and Field Service schools as needed.

Product Coordinator - Technical Sales & Service International and Domestic Marketing Reda Pump, Bartlesville Ok. 1/1990 - 12/1991

Responsible for all Reda Agent/Customer repair documentation, sales support, new product coordination, equipment deviation authorizations, coordination of equipment audits, setup and tooling of service centers worldwide.

Quality Assurance Technician, Quality Assurance Department Reda Pump, Bartlesville Ok. 1/1988 - 12/1989

Responsible for in-house Manufacturing audits, agent/customer repair facility assembly, repair and test procedure audits, general Quality Assurance Test & Inspection instructions and customer Dismantle Inspection & Failure Analysis when/where required.

Quality Assurance Final Test Technician, Quality Assurance Department,Reda Pump, Bartlesville Ok 1/98

Responsible for idle, dynometer, and full string load testing of pumps, motors, protectors, and downhole sensors. Assisted Engineering with development of the tooling, test fixtures, and written procedures for the first horizontal motor test system (MIST).

Provide backup support and operation of the Spectro-analysis machine in the Foundry QA lab. Responsible for determining the proper percentages of metals required for the furnace pouring of Ni-Resist and Bronze Pump stages.

Process Engineering Technician, Process & Tool Engineering Reda Pump, Bartlesville Ok. 1/1980 - 12/1987

Responsible for the generation and maintenance of Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI), the development of time standards, Shop Routings, Tool Drawings, and illustrations for the assembly, dismantle and final test departments. Also to coordinate with Engineering and other related departments, the implementation of new products and to incorporate the changes/products/tooling into the domestic and international branches. This included hosting design reviews for the new designs and scheduling and planning of training sessions at all US, South America, and Canada based Repair Branches.

Assembly Technician, Assembly Department Reda Pump, Bartlesville Ok. 1/1976 - 12/1979

Responsible for assembly of down hole submersible oil well pumps, motors, seals, and downhole sensors. Specialized in Oil and Water well equipment.

Dismantle Technician, Reda Pump, Bartlesville Ok 5/1973 - 11/1976

Responsible for the dismantle of submersible and horizontal, pumps, motors, seals, down hole sensors, thrust sections, and jet fuel units.


7/1998 Microsoft PowerPoint Singapore Certification

7/1996 Microsoft Excel Singapore Certification

8/1995 Lotus Freelance Graphics Singapore Certification

9/1994 Fundamentals of Application Engineering US-Oklahoma-Bartlesville Certification: Two week Reda Pump School on the proper sizing and application of downhole submersible oil well pumping systems.

6/1993 Dismantle Inspection Theories and Application US-Oklahoma-Bartlesville (Charles Tate Instructor)Certification Class provided by Reda Pump on the theory of performing successful dismantle inspections and root cause failure analysis in regard to warranty claims and run life enhancement.

2/1986 CAD/CAM US-Oklahoma-Bartlesville Vocational Computer aided drawing and computer assisted manufacturing class.

1/1981 Motion Timed Movements US-Oklahoma-Bartlesville, Certification Certified in the use of Motion Timed Movements. The ability to develop time standards based on repetitive shop floor movements.

8/1979 Drafting #1 & # 2 US-Oklahoma-Bartlesville Vocational Three month drafting course at Tri County Tech, Bartlesville OK.

5/1973 Nowata High School Graduated Nowata Okla