Zhuang Xi Quan Stanley


15+ years of Oil & Gas Industry Artificial Lift Experience, and 4+ years of International Experience including the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Extensive technical and managerial experience, with specific expertise in the areas of ESP Manufacturing, QA/QC, Inspections, Testing, and DIFA.

Specific Areas of Expertise:

  • ESP Manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inspection & Testing
  • DIFA (Dismantle Inspection & Failure analysis)
  • ISO Certification
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Tender Bid Preparation & Evaluation
  • Manufacturing / Customer Service / Sales / Marketing / Operations Management



2004 - 2018

Singapore QCP Quality Champion (Mar – Jul 2018)
Overseeing Singapore Schlumberger on all Quality Control Plan Quality related products.
  • Liaise with Customer Service on clients/third-party inspectors (TPI) witness schedule and escorting them to ensure compliance to QCP requirements for product inspection testing as required with the Product Line at the center.
  • Conduct TPI related meetings as required during QCP orders execution.
  • Compilation of client QCP documentation packages/data books and photograph request for each client QCP order.
  • Working closely with all key functions such as Customer Service, Supply Chain, Quality, Planning, Manufacturing, and Product Line Teams towards managing associated known risks and potential risks during QCP orders execution.
  • Provide guidance and work with the Manufacturing and Production Teams towards ensuring the manufacturing process routings, manufacturing process instructions, tooling design and selection are suitable and available to meet QCP requirements.
  • Support Customer Service by providing proper QCP documentation package costing as required in quoting the QCP orders.
  • Develop client specific product Quality Control Plan (QCPs).

Senior Product Quality Engineer – Downhole Equipment (DHE) (Sep 2015 – Feb 2018)
  • Measuring product and process performances for different products and parts.
  • Material Review Meeting hosting for stuck/high value IFR (Item for Review) to move out from NNN inventory.
  • Working closely with key function such as Supply Chain, Quality, Planning, Manufacturing, and Sustaining Teams to reduce the $$ value of NNN parts in DHE inventory. (Catastrophic/Major/Serious + High Profile Product Quality/Service Quality Related).
  • Creating, monitoring & coordinating PQ investigation with different teams. PQ update & closure for Catastrophic, Major and Serious cases with internal team, Center, PG & Segment.
  • Conduct Commentary Task Assessment (CTA) and QCP A-star personnel and Process Audits to ensure that Manufacturing Process Instruction (MPI) and Quality Management System (QMS) are properly adhered to.
  • Quality Support to NPD Team: Support to NPD (New Product Development) team from QC.
  • QSC (Quality System Committee) Team Member: Leading DHE QSC team to address the Quality and service Quality issues.

Quality Management System (QMS) Quality Engineer (Aug 2013 – Sep 2015)
  • Ensure closure of 80% of QCP-related QUEST reports.
  • Reviewing critical QAITI procedures in SPE and oversee revision or validation of document (CLMS).
  • Creating Procedures such as QCP process streamlining, MaxForte/QCP Documentation definition and process procedures, Training program for MaxForte, lead in defining trainings and implementing system for self-renewal in DHE.
  • Participate in Quality and Process Improvement Projects (LSS, QIT, Kaizen).

2014 Projects included:
  • Replacing old 2000 kVA transformer with a new 1559 kVA with 210 A Transformer with 1500 kVA VSD to handle larger capacity downhole motor (2x Capex) (Team Lead).
  • Upgrading 2x HPTS systems to run with HBM Torque Cell (1x Capex) (Team Lead).
  • Upgrading 1x MIST system to Console upgradation, Windows 7 implementation, automatic vibration set up and customization are the parts of MIST upgradation (1x Capex) (Team Lead).
  • Replacing old 112 kVA MIST 1 transformer with a new standard ART Center Tooling system unit (Team Lead).

2015 Projects included:
  • Upgrading 1x MIST system to Console upgradation, windows 7 implementation, automatic vibration set up and customization are the parts of MIST upgradation (1x Capex) (Team Lead).
  • Designing chemical dosing system to support Testwell Cooling Tower; this system is configured for MaxForte, running 72 hours of endurance testing.
  • Compiling MaxForte Documentation as per ISO 15551.

Manufacturing Engineer – DHE (Mar 2013 – Aug 2013)
  • Performing the lead role in the implementation of manufacturing processes and techniques in DHE assembly involved in ESP (Pump, Intake, Protector).
  • Implementation of LEAN Six Sigma tools and training of shop floor personnel.
  • Tackling critical manufacturing issues which affect quality, FPY and RTY of the products.
  • Promoting ECOs and disposition IFRs involving ESP (Pump, Intake, Protector).
  • Providing training for test systems calibration and validation such as HPTS, VPTS, MIST, HYDRO, and Spin Tester.
  • Lead troubleshooting over daily production issues.
  • Completion of LSS Project - Integrating of the SSM with HLSA3 Motor Assembly (Team Lead).
  • Completion of Hoshin Project - Oil Purifier and Spin Tester Upgrading (Team Lead).

Final Testwell – Team Leader (Internal Test Systems Calibrator) (Aug 2012 – Mar 2013)
  • Handling daily reports and updating production status of DHE equipment.
  • Leading and supervising a group of junior staff by providing training in testing and report writing.
  • Attending production meetings and follow up of IFR equipment.
  • Updating Weekly and Monthly Charts such as Quality, Production and 5S, and ensuring all charts are updated for audits.
  • Completion of Upgrading Flushing Bench Project.
  • Completion of Upgrading HPTS 2 Project.
  • Completion of Upgrading Hydrostatic Test Bay.
  • Completion of LSS project in 2012 - Improving accuracy and reliability of fluid temperature at vertical wells.

Final Testwell – Senior QC Technician (Mar 2010 – Jul 2012)
  • Performing installation and validations of all service centers (worldwide) equipment and test systems.
  • Handling additional tasks such as safety inspections of all related equipment (lifting equipment, gears, high-pressure equipment, tooling, and electrical equipment such as transformers and variable speed drives).
  • Assisting Engineers with machine installation and calibration.
  • Leading and supervising a group of junior staff by providing training in testing and report writing.
  • Performing in-house calibration on test bench systems (HPTS, VPTS and MIST).
  • Performing validation on test bench (HPTS, HPS, MIST, Cable Tester, Spin Tester, DC Dry out, AWA and Hipotronics) systems for other service/product centers overseas.
  • Preparing reports for the tested equipment to complete the final stages of the production and the rejected equipment to send for rework.

Final Testwell – QC Technician (Mar 2004 – Feb 2010)
  • Performing pressure testing of pumps on Hydrostatic Test System/Bay.
  • Inspection, testing and verification of pump and motor equipment to ensure it matches API requirements.
  • Performing validation on test bench (HPTS, HPS, MIST, Cable Tester, Spin Tester and DC Dry out) systems for other service/product center overseas.
  • Performing in-house calibration on test bench systems (HPTS, VPTS and MIST).
  • Using Motor Idle Slant Test (MIST) for electrical test performed on new or rewound stator and motor. The require tests are high potential testing with leakage parameters, surge testing, insulation dielectric values determined by megging and resistance balance.
  • Pump testing by using Horizontal Pump Test System (HPTS) and vertical testing (VPTS).


Bachelors, Electronic & Electrical Engineering with 1st Class Honors - Coventry University (United Kingdom)

  • ISO 150001v2011 Lead Auditor 2012
  • ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor 2014
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt