ALS provided targeted support to improve ESP runlife for an operator in Australia. The client noticed runlives had been deteriorating for an extended period of time, and ALS was able to offer broad support to analyse and provide customised solutions to the problems

Description of Work

  • Conduct field audits

  • Troubleshoot deteriorating runlives

  • Develop ESP operations procedures

  • Provide ongoing technical support to improve ESP operations

  • Provide troubleshooting techniques for ongoing operations

  • Dismantle Inspection Failure Analysis (DIFA)

  • Training

Findings and Recommendations

ESP performance had significantly deteriorated over time. ALS was called in to support day to day ESP operations and improve ESP performance. ALS provided a broad range of skills, including development of procedures, implementation of operational improvements, conducting field audits, and provision of ESP support for failed systems.

Improvements have been made to overall ESP operations, and ALS continues to assist with Failure Analysis and technical expertise as requested by the client.