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Application Engineering

Every oilfield and operating environment is unique. ALS utilizes its global experience to evaluate the specific challenges and requirements of your project. With this understanding, a fit-for-purpose artificial lift design can be engineered and delivered. There is no "one size fits all" artificial lift application - ALS has the skills and tools required to analyse your operating environment and provide you with sound technical expertise required for success.

Rigless Technology

ALS have a pool of the most experienced personnel in the industry with respect to rigless ESP operations. ALS have experience in working with all available rigless technology in the market. ALS' expertise does not only cover ESP technology itself, but the whole deployment and intervention scope.

Production Engineering

ALS can provide experienced production engineering support with specific expertise in all areas of Production Technology.

Independent Economic Studies

ALS can assist in the process of building an accurate yet high level economic model for any project. Underpinning every economic model constructed by ALS is simulation of various suitable technologies involving relevant sensitivities which becomes a solid foundation for an expertly-detailed and unbiased technical design.

FEA & CFD Dynamic Modelling

ALS is pleased to be able to offer, through our solution partner Engenya, a range of services in support of ESP benchmarking, installation or removal that are based on Engenya's advanced modelling and simulation capability.

  • Simulation of run-in process.
  • Simulation of pull out process.
  • Verification of component design to specifications.
  • Riser dynamics.
  • In-situ component stress/strain.
  • Pump efficiency at operational conditions.
  • Multi-phase flow analysis for efficiency and durability.
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance assessments.
  • Quantitative risk assessment.
  • Failure root cause analysis.
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