June 23, 2022
Become a Gas Lift Expert (>20 hours of pre-recorded videos & other activities)

ALS recommends Gas Lift courses from Damien Leonard.

The full spectrum of Gas Lift is covered through 5 modules:

All modules contain ‘pre-recorded for purpose’ videos and other activities to follow, through the Learning Management System of IWP portal.

Courses can be started anytime with no minimum number of attendees.

Here below is a list of some of the topics addressed in these modules:

  • Gas Lift systems
  • Gas Lift valve mechanics
  • How to use Prosper for Gas Lift design
  • How to identify a gas lift well that can be optimized
  • Practical ways to optimize a Gas Lift well
  • A clear method to troubleshoot a Gas Lift well
  • The integrity problem in Gas Lift well and the available solutions
  • Gas Lift new technologies (and the old ones that still work perfectly)
  • The equilibrium curve
  • Hands on exercises to learn Gas Lift design and gas lift troubleshooting.

For more details:

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